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Mrs World Punjaban UK 2019

Shaan Punjab Di

Mrs World Punjaban is a pageant which offers a platform for women who most people around the world take for granted – wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. 

Many women face challenges of a wide variety, whether personal or professional. Society today also poses challenges in its own right, with people only getting so far if their face fits, or their social media profile has the most likes.

This event is so very different to all other beauty pageants as it looks to promote marriage as an institute, providing recognition for women who otherwise would not have the opportunity on a global platform and above all we want to give a special gift to these Wives, Mothers, Sisters and Daughters of the Punjab.

We have some of the most successful women in the world who are pivotal to society. There are so many highly educated women who are Punjaban – as the saying goes ‘Educate a woman and you educate a nation’.

Channel Punjab would like to give these ladies an opportunity to continue empowering our nations.