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Channel Punjab Channel Punjab, “Shaan Punjab Di” A True World Wide Punjabi Family entertainment Channel Know More // Channel Punjab - Shaan Punjab Di Channel Punjab News // Channel Punjab - Shaan Punjab Di. Know More Channel Punjab
Know More // Channel Punjab - Shaan Punjab Di
Channel Punjab
// Channel Punjab - Shaan Punjab Di
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A True Worldwide Punjabi Family Entertainment Channel

Channel Punjab is a Premium channel catering for all Punjabi’s of all age groups and not just in India but worldwide. 

CHANNEL PUNJAB will be offering a wide range of informative, entertainment and news programs which will touch upon all aspects of Punjabi live and culture giving a true insight of what is really happening in Punjab.

We all know how vibrant punjabi people and punjabi culture is and its about time we show the whole world what Punjab and its people have to offer.

Channel Punjab “Shaan Punjab di” will be the very steping stones and building blocks for our furture generations, “It’s Kool To Be Punjabi”

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